Special Needs

Special Needs Dentist in Plano, Tx

Fusion Orthodontics & Children’s Dentistry is committed to providing the

highest level of care for children of all ages and dental needs. That is why

whenever it comes to treating special needs patients, our pediatric dentist

Dr. Niloo and our dental staff are highly trained to accommodate your child

and cater the environment to meet your child’s individual needs.

At Fusion, we never turn our back on any case. That is why we work with children with any condition including but

not limited to

  • Autism
  • Down Syndrome
  • Mobility Issues
  • Behavioral or Emotional Conditions

Most people may not know this, but kids with special needs require much more attention in terms of dental care.

Depending on your child’s situation, in addition to any medication they take, your child may be more susceptible

to gum disease or other dental problems. On the other hand, atypical development or teeth grinding are other

variables that may increase the need for more dental care.

Having a trusted dentist is important in the overall oral health of your child. Luckily, our pediatric dentist in Plano /

North Dallas specializes in kids. Our pediatric dentist provides the skills, qualifications, care, and compassion your

child and your entire family can depend on.

Children with special needs may not be receiving the proper oral cleaning

on a daily basis depending on their situation and the abilities of the parent

or caregiver. This is why it is very important for your child to visit a

professional to give them the level of care their smile needs. Preventative

cleanings usually begin around the age three of four, and should continue

twice a year regularly. Whenever you visit our special needs dentist in

Plano, our dental hygienist will share with you some tips and tricks to help

enhance the quality of dental care you provide to your child at home!

What takes place in the dental check up is simple and easy. Our pediatric dentist and our Plano staff will start with a

few x-rays and a thorough exam of your child’s gums and teeth. In this process, we check for any cavities and check

both the soft and hard tissue for any signs of infection, malformations, or oralfacial developmental concerns . If we

find anything that is in our concern during our dental cleaning, we will discuss the options with you in regards to the

best interest and situation for your child’s medical diagnosis.

In some cases, your child may need treatment. As one of the top special needs dentist in Plano / North Dallas, you

can rest assured that we do everything possible to ensure your little one is comfortable and safe at all times. One

way we accomplish this is through sedation dentistry. This procedure helps put your little one at ease through their

procedure. Sedation dentistry is a great option for those who wouldn’t otherwise sit through a dental procedure.

This way, everyone can be calm that their child is getting their treatment done in the safest and most comfortable

way possible. Whenever we plan any treatment for your child, we’ll discuss each sedation option individually that is

best suited for your child’s specific medial needs.