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When Should A Child First Visit A Dentist

When Should I Take My Child For Their First Dental Visit?

Putting Your Child’s Oral Health First From The Start

As a parent you know that your child’s overall health is important. You also know having your little ones oral health at an optimal state is important from the start. However, you might be confused on where to start in order to keep your child’s smile healthy. Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything you need to know!

When Do I Take My Child For Their Dental Visit?

Even though it might seem a bit premature, our pediatric dentists in Plano recommend you visit a dentist once your child’s first teeth erupt! As a parent you know that your child’s overall health is important. Even if it seems a tad early, we believe in starting your child’s oral health at a good start.

If your’e not ready to have your child visit their dentist for the first time that early, then it is recommended that you have your little one visit a pediatric dentist by the time they reach a year old. While many parents believe that visiting a dentist at such a young age is unwarranted, this belief doesn’t hold true. As soon as the first baby tooth erupts, they should visit a dentist.

Getting Your Little One Ready For Their First Dental Visit

Making sure that your child has a good experience when they first visit the dentist is a process that begins way before they step foot into the dental office. Usually, the initial step in finding a good dentist is finding one that has experience with toddlers. This means you shouldn’t take your child to the dentist you visit. You’d want to see out a pediatric dentist. On most occasions, your regular dentist will most likely recommend some good pediatric dentists near you that you can take your child to. Pediatric dentists are dentists who specialize in the examination and treatment of toddlers and infants.

You’re probably wondering how your child’s first dental visit will be. No worries, your child’s first dental visit isn’t solely about the dentist looking at your child’s new set of teeth. Rather, it’s more of a initiation step to get your little one familiar with the dental office, dental equipment, and dental staff.

Plenty of adults are frightful of a visit to a dentist. So you can imagine how it must be for your child to visit the dentist for their first time. The goal for your child’s first visit with our Plano pediatric dentist is to start a process of trust and familiarity. That way, we take the fear away right from the beginning!

Looking to take your child with an experienced pediatric dentist? Contact us now!

What The First Appointment With Your Kids Dentist Will Be Like

Right when you enter our office, the goal of having your child trust us starts. All our staff have the innate qualities of being caring and judgement free! Feel free to let your child roam the waiting area and interact with the surroundings. After all, our dental office is aimed to please kids just like yours!

Once your child meets our pediatric dentist, let our dentist speak to your child so they can see that she is in fact, just another person and they shouldn’t be worried. Our board certified pediatric dentist will speak to your little one guiding them on what’s going to happen during the appointment. Talking to them in this simple manner will help eliminate any tension your child might have.

Once your child is settled in the exam room, Dr. Niloo, our pediatric dentist, will start to show them the tools. Since dental equipment is often what scares a child the most, showing them what the tools are and how they will be used usually helps calm the nerves. Afterwards, Dr. Niloo will then to proceed to have a simple exam. As we stated before, usually our first dental visits with kids are just to introduce your little one with the dental environment so an exam may not be needed at all! If your child is uneasy, they can choose to sit on your lap to show them that you aren’t going anywhere.

If you child is nervous, a good pediatric dentist won’t push the limits of your child’s comfort zone and will stop the exam. Either way, we will still reward them with a small prize just for them visiting us!

Ensuring A Strong Dental Routine

After your child’s first dental visit, dentists recommend that small children, including toddlers, visit with a dentist at least every six months for a checkup. If you see an issue arise with your child’s oral health, we recommend you visit our pediatric office earlier than the six month interval.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call our kids dentistry at (972) 666-4949 or contact us to answer any underlying questions you may have!

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