Children's Pulpotomy (Baby Root Canal) Plano | Save Your Kids Teeth!

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Children’s Pulpotomy (Baby Root Canal) in Plano, Tx

Stop The Tooth Pain & Save Your Little One’s Tooth!

If your little one is uncomfortable and bothered by pain in their tooth, chances are they might be in need of a pulpotomy treatment. Also known as a baby root canal, a pulpotomy occurs whenever a cavity extends into the nerve, causing intense pain. No need to worry, our kids dentist in Plano are trained to relieve any pain your child may have and get them back to normal. However, lets discuss what a pulpotomy is and what can you expect from the treatment.

What Is A Pulpotomy?

As stated above, the need for a baby root canal occurs whenever tooth decay extends into the nerve of the tooth. This usually happens due to a cracked tooth or a cavity that extends into pulp chamber of the tooth and cause an infection. If not treated properly by a dentist, pus will start to form around the jaw bone.

This “pus pocket” is also known as abscess. The side affects of a tooth abscess can cause pain, swelling, the death of the pulp tissue and may even affect the jaw bone and your child’s overall health. Not getting your child the pulpotomy they need may hold future consequences. If the tooth is taken out prematurely, this may cause their permanent teeth to erupt in the wrong position. To ensure that your child is calm and pain free during the treatment, we also offer sedation dentistry in our kids dental clinic. After the treatment is done we expect for your child to be completely pain free! If not, they should be back to normal in just a few days after the treatment. It is important to note that the infected tooth will not heal on its own and may even cause the tooth to be taken out prematurely if a pulpotomy is not received.

What Can You Do To Stop Your Child’s Pain & Save Their Tooth

If your child is in serious pain we recommend giving them a small dosage of pain reliever. While this is only a temporary solution for their pain, it will come back once the pain reliever is processed. We urge you to bring them in for a baby root canal treatment to stop their pain and save their tooth. During the pulpotomy treatment, our pediatric dentist removes the infected pulp tissue found within the crown of the tooth. We then give your child medication on the tooth in order to prevent any bacterial growth and stop the pain. Lastly, the baby root canal is finished with a crown or filling. If your child needs a pulpotomy in their back teeth, we recommend placing a crown as this strengthens the tooth.

While a pulpotomy for kids may seem scary at first, we promise to uphold the highest standards in dentistry to ensure the safety of your kid first. Using only the highest technology and keeping up with the latest treatment procedures, our experts at Fusion Orthodontics & Children’s Dentistry are one of the most experienced baby root canal treatment experts in all of Plano / North Dallas!

If you’re looking to have your child visit a dentist that is both caring and knowledgeable, we promise Dr. Niloo is that pediatric dentist.

Request an appointment with a pulpotomy dentist today!

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