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What Are The Benefits Of Fluoride Treatment

How Will My Child Benefit From Fluoride Treatment?

The Best Dental Care For Your Little One

Your child’s dental health is an essential part of their overall health. This is why our Plano pediatric dentists recommend regular brushing, flossing, and good eating habits. You may already know that taking your child to a dentist can dramatically help your child’s dental health in the long run.

Our pediatric specialist can detect any issues you may have not been aware of and may even prevent your child from experiencing severe dental problems. One way our dentists help reduce the risk of tooth decay in your little one is by offering a fluoride treatment.

Fluoride treatments are vital in ensuring your child’s teeth stay healthy and strong as they continue to learn good oral habits.

Lower Future Dental Expenses

Most dentist actually recommend fluoride treatment to most of their patients no matter their age. Usually, the treatment is included in regular checkups at pediatric dental offices at no extra cost!

Adults on one hand do have to pay for fluoride treatments if the dentist feels as if they need one. However, utilizing this preventative dental method costs much less when compared to treating a decayed tooth. So, what’s one benefit of fluoride treatments? A healthier, stronger smile with money saved in the long run. As noted before, fluoride treatments come at no extra cost for children!

Looking for a pediatric specialist in fluoride treatment? Call or contact us now!

Protecting Their Smile

Their are many effective methods that help ensure your child’s smile stays healthy and beautiful for a long time. Some of these ways include avoiding sugary foods and drinks, activities that can result in tooth trauma, and practicing good oral hygiene.

Having them receive fluoride treatment is just one more way to help maintain their healthy smile as fluoride fights off tooth decay. Receiving this special type of treatment helps keep aging away for many years.

How is this done? Fluoride uses the phosphate and calcium found in the enamel to help boost the tooth’s capability heal and become more resistant to damage and decay.

What To Expect Of A Fluoride Treatment From A Pediatric Dentist

Usually, your child’s dentist may choose to apply fluoride through a highly concentrate rinse, a varnish, gel, or a foam. These methods have a higher concentration of fluoride than what you may find in your typical drinking water or toothpaste. Applying fluoride doesn’t take long and is also pain free. Your pediatric dentist will most likely recommend you to not let your child eat or drink anything for half an hour or so so that the fluoride can be properly absorbed.

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