Caps On Baby Teeth in Plano | Restoring Your Child's Smile With Crowns

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Caps On Baby Teeth

Kids Dental Crowns

Restoring Your Child’s Smile With Caps For Baby Teeth

Dental crowns, or better known as caps on baby teeth for parents, are tooth shaped coverings that are placed on top of your child’s primary teeth in order to restore your child’s tooth function and shape. It is quite normal and often needed in pediatric dentistry for those primary teeth that have severe decay.

What Is A Dental Crown & Why Are They Used On Primary Teeth?

A dental crown is a cap that is cemented onto the tooth for the purpose of restoring a tooth to its natural state. Even though dental crowns are more popularly used for the older patients, dental crowns are used in pediatric dentistry as well. Why? In some cases a dental crown has to be placed on a tooth in order repair a tooth that has a severe cavity. Moreover, caps on baby teeth are also placed because the primary tooth didn’t develop properly or because of trauma to the teeth.

When talking about extensive decay we are referring to when a severely decayed tooth is found with cavities on two or more surfaces. Whenever we find a severely decayed tooth, a simple dental filling won’t do the job properly. This is due to the fact that a filling runs the risk of falling off, being worn down, or breaking – causing the need for more treatments. However, this problem doesn’t arise with dental crowns for kids. Better yet, these tooth caps usually last until the primary tooth falls out completely around the age of 12!

More Reasons Why Restoring Your Kids Baby Teeth Is Essential

Other than just restoring a decayed tooth, there are many other reasons why its imperative to restore your kids baby teeth which include:

  • Since the enamels on baby teeth are thinner than those on permanent teeth, our little ones teeth are more susceptible to decay as it is easier to spread if left untreated.
  • Crowns help restore the shape and size of a tooth. Because of this, restoring a baby teeth is crucial when it comes to the development process of permanent teeth.
  • Having a crown restoration helps the development of the jawbone and muscles.
  • Having your little one get a dental crown helps aid their speech development.
  • Lastly, dental crowns cover the entire tooth which prevents the spread of future decay.
What Are The Types of Dental Crowns That Are Used To Restore Baby Teeth?

While their are a variety of dental crowns that are used on baby teeth, the three primary ones include: stainless steel crowns, veneered crowns, and zirconia crowns. Just like with everything, their are pros and cons to these crowns and some are more suited for specific areas of the mouth.

Stainless Steel Crowns
  • These type of crowns are the most widely used dental crowns for kids.
  • They are composed of a metal shell that fit any size or shape of tooth.
  • They are perfect for the molars as the baby caps are durable, strong, and have a high resistance to moisture.
  • Good for cases where decay is seen between the teeth.
  • The procedure is quite easy and often times can be done in just one visit!
  • Lastly, they are the most affordable type of pediatric dental crowns in the market!
Veneered Steered Crowns
  • These crowns are made of stainless steel with a tooth like material that is bonded to the front, back, and sides of the teeth!These type of crowns are the most widely used dental crowns for kids.
  • Just like the stainless steel crows, they are both durable and resistant to moisture.
  • They are a great choice for anterior and posterior restorations!
  • However, these pediatric tooth crowns do require more shaving down of the teeth compared to other crowns. Also, may cause an allergic reaction amongst some kids.
Zirconia (White) Crowns
  • Are made of ceramic material which are tooth colored!
  • Just like stainless steel crowns, zirconia crowns are pre-made to fit the shape of the affected baby teeth.
  • These type of crowns are pretty much impossible to break. In fact, they are stronger than natural enamel!
  • These white crowns for kids are the most aesthetically pleasing type of crowns in the market. In addition, they are also resistant to decay and plaque build up!
  • Unlike other types of tooth caps for kids that cause allergic reactions, these zirconia crowns are biologically inert! What does this mean? They don’t cause allergic reactions whenever they are merged with biological tissue.
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