What Sets Fusion Apart



Free Consultation for Braces (Exam and Xrays)

At Fusion, we know that getting braces is a big decision, so we want to make the process easier by providing you with as much information as possible. We offer comfortable, free consultations with x-rays to help you understand what your, or your child’s, orthodontic needs may be as well as discuss your treatment options.

All-Inclusive Treatment

We offer different orthodontic treatment packages. Our most basic orthodontic package includes diagnostic records (3D x-ray, digital photos and digital impressions) complete and thorough diagnosis and treatment planning, regularly-scheduled appointments as well as any comfort or emergency visits, two years of follow-up visits to retain and monitor your great smile, and one set of clear retainers.

Lifetime Guaranty(R)

At Fusion, we guarantee our orthodontic results FOR EVER! even if it is the patient’s fault by not wearing their retainers properly. At anytime in the future, for any reason and no reason, if you or your child decides to get braces after we are done with the treatment, we will put braces back on, no questions asked. Our policy for relapse treatment includes a minimal appliance fee and a flat-rate per-visit copay. Please review our Cost of Braces page for further details and perks and packages.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Our office is equipped with comprehensive orthodontic and pediatric dentistry treatment planning software. At Fusion, Our patients also benefit from digital x-rays which produce less radiation than the traditional kind and provide better quality images. This also includes Digital Study Models, In-house Digital 3D Lab and Digital Impressions!! (Which means No more yucky putty impressions)

Same-Day Braces

As a convenience, we typically start your treatment the same day as your consult so you don’t have to miss additional school or work.

We are clean!

We monitor our sterilization weekly through a third party to make sure all our sterilization equipment are up to standards. We have two state-of-the-art sterilizing machines, wet and dry, designed to sterilize all of our equipment that come in contact with the oral cavity.


We understand that you have a busy schedule, and it is important to us to respect your time. This may be a rarity in the health care profession, but our office always makes the effort to see you at your scheduled appointment time, and we take pride in this. We offer convenient working hours and we stay until 8:00pm certain days of the week in addition to offering Saturday appointments.

Your time is valuable so appointment times are available to fit every busy family’s schedule; including early morning & late afternoon appointments throughout the week! We also offer Saturday appointments! Sometimes new patients can even start treatment the same day as their initial exam.

Experience Matters

Dr. Rahimi our orthodontist received his Certificate of Orthodontics and DMSC (Doctor of Medical Sciences) degrees from the prestigious Harvard University. Dr. Rahimi has successfully completed orthodontic treatment of more than 3000 patients and has more than 1000 patients in active treatment. Check out our Before-After Gallery to get a feel of the quality of treatment we proudly represent and stand for.

Dr Niloo our Pediatric dentist graduated from Tufts school of Dental Medicine with special training and clinical practice limited to pediatric dentistry. She is also a diplomat of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Niloo is specialized to treat children with disabilities as well as those that fear dental environment.


Our office was designed with our patients’ health and comfort in mind. We are equipped with the latest technology in dental care including our own 3D Xray system, CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) scanner.

This extremely high tech machine acts a 3D Digital X-ray that captures a 3D image of the patients head, jaw and teeth! Two-dimensional X-rays only show about 30% of what is going on with teeth, and although they are an invaluable tool in the dental practice, the 3D xray system is able to show us so much more. This allows us to provide out treatment plan based on high quality records that don’t leave any stones unturned.

We are a GREEN Office

We take pride in trying to be as GREEN as possible and leave the smallest carbon foot print. We are in the path of becoming 100% paperless which allows us the opportunity to help out our wonderful environment. All patient forms, financials, photos, Xrays are all digital and communicated through email!.


A perfect smile is one of the few investments where you will be able to reap the benefits for a lifetime. Our office works with each individual to find affordable payment options to fit your personal financial needs. We match our competitor’s treatment quotes (restrictions apply) and we offer long term payment plans for those interested.

Your Very Own Specialty Team

The great thing about having a Pediatric Dentist and Orthodontist in one location is the convenience of having your own personal specialized team to treat you. The collaboration between these two specialties in one location leads to better quality of care.

We Celebrate You!

We want your experience with us to be fun! We have monthly contests where you can win awesome prizes. Check out our photo wall and see photos of your friends and neighbors who are also in treatment. Look for your birthday on our Birthdays of the Month wall, too! We have TVs in the ceiling of the treatment rooms and there are games in the reception area for you to enjoy as well. Lastly, join us every year for our annual patient party.

Most insurances accepted

We accept most insurance plans and we help you collect the maximum benefit possible from your insurance provider. for more details, visit our Cost of Braces page.

Different Options for Braces

In our orthodontic clinic, we provide almost every reasonable treatment system that is available out there. We provide Invisalign and ClearCorrect (clear aligners), Incognito (lingual (hidden) braces), Insignia (custom made Damon braces), Clarity (clear braces) and of course, regular braces, so, you can choose your appliance of choice for your treatment.

FREE Braces Consultation:

All orthodontic consultations are free in our clinic. Just schedule an appointment and we will tell you all about your orthodontic (braces) needs and treatment plan for free. Also, children receive free gifts in clinic following their treatment, not to mention occasional promotions, specials and other perks if you become our regular patient such as:

  • Family member discounts
  • Discounts on services
  • Referral discount
  • Occasional raffles